The price and cost of hair transplantation in all Arab countries for the year 2023

hair transplant cost

Hair transplantation is the process in which new hair is transplanted into human skin to revive hair or to replace lost hair. Hair transplantation is done for several reasons, such as compensation for lost hair due to baldness, severe hair loss, or the desire to change the appearance of hair. The cost of hair transplantation can vary greatly with Many different factors, such as hair type […]

My experience with MRI of the uterus, head, and breast, and what are its side effects?

My experience with MRI

In this article, we will review my experience with MRI, and explain the most important details related to it. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a method used by the doctor to detect organs. And tissues and bones, in order to diagnose the patient, a strong magnetic field and very high radio waves are used to produce images of high quality and accuracy, and it differs from other types of imaging in its method and procedures […]

My experience with Avogaine Hair, Beard and Eyebrow Spray for Women and Men + How to use it

My experience with Avogain Hair Spray

This spray is one of the products for hair care. Women seek products and products that help them to get more beautiful, shiny and stronger hair, and to appear with a bright and attractive look and strong and cohesive hair. Not only women, men also want to appear with thick hair and eliminate the problem of baldness, in addition to their desire to Having a thick beard. In this article, we will talk about […]

The most powerful romantic words melt the husband in the morning, on the phone, on the traveler, and on the wedding day

Romantic words dissolve the husband

There is no doubt that speech and language are among the most important means of communication that build bridges of love and friendship between people, reconcile them, and increase their closeness. . Romantic words that melt the traveling husband: A person in travel feels […]

I had my period ten days before my period and came out pregnant: + A method for detecting pregnancy

I had my period ten days before my period and came out pregnant

I analyzed XNUMX days before my period and came out pregnant. Is it really possible to take a pregnancy test during this period? And will its results be correct and accurate? She analyzed XNUMX days before her period and came out pregnant: Through the experience of one woman, she did a pregnancy test XNUMX days before her period, and the result was positive, while doctors recommend taking a pregnancy test XNUMX weeks after […]

My experience with PediaSure fattening milk for adults, children and infants and side effects

My experience with PediaSure milk

PediaSure milk is among the most important nutritional supplements, especially for children who suffer from weight loss and loss of appetite, which is due to the lack of sufficient calories and vitamins that the body needs. Weight loss can lead to disorders that include a weak immune system, osteoporosis, anemia... so Adding some supplements to our diet is important to contribute to increasing […]

How much is the dose of Fevadol for children according to age, indications for use, contraindications and side effects

Fevadol dosage for children according to age

Fevadol medicine contains the strongest effective substance that helps relieve body pain, treat high temperature, and relieve the severity of colds, which is paracetamol, which is considered one of the best antibiotics and its primary function is to eliminate germs and viruses associated with diseases that invade the body, and the form of Fevadol medicine differs for children and adults And we will learn about the dose of Fevadol for children according to age. […]

How do I incite myself? And does it help to give birth on the same day + my experience

How do I incite myself?

When labor approaches, most women suffer from some concerns about how to complete labor, especially if the woman wants a natural birth without a cesarean section, given that a natural birth is much better than a cesarean section, with the exception of some critical cases that require surgical intervention, so pregnant women ask how I incite myself. How do I incite myself? There is […]

My experience with body sculpting in Egypt, Jordan and Riyadh without surgery

My experience with body sculpting

Body sculpting is a process that can help you achieve the body of your dreams. It involves a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. The first step is to find a body sculpting program that best fits your needs and goals. Then you will need to stick to the program and stick to it. Finally, you'll need to maintain your results by making healthy choices in your daily life. My experience with […]

The best cream that leaves curly hair for men and children, after showering, and how it works

Cream that makes hair curly

People often think of curly hair as hard to deal with, but with the right products and styling methods, it can be just as easy to care for as any other hair type. Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, so it's important to use shampoos and conditioners that moisturize your locks. You should also avoid using […]